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Sprees Alley :: Your One Stop Spree Hub
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A. Spree Organizer Registration

It is COMPULSORY to be a member of SpreesAlley and SpreesAlley Feedback in order for your application to be approved.

Please join the community BEFORE sending in your application.

Email spreesalley.reg[at]gmail[dot]com in the following format.

Email Subject: Sprees Alley Registration – Your LJ Nick

[1] Name, as of in NRIC :
[2] NRIC No. :
[3] Address :
[4] Contact No. :
[5] LJ Nick :
[6] Birth Date :
[7] Email Address used for spree purpose :
[8] Bank Account Details used for spree purpose : (State down all bank details if you offer more than one mode of payment
[9] Any existing feedback links at other spree sites

Sprees Alley require all aspiring spree organizers to submit a scanned copy or picture of their identification card (Student Pass/Driving Lisence). Just a way to assure our dear spree-ers =)

Please note that we may make random calls to your submitted contact number to ensure that your information is not fake.

Do not assume it's just at Sprees Alley, we will spread the word of caution to other major spree sites too.

By submitting your application, we will take it that you have read and understood Sprees Alley's rules & regulations.

B. Spree Post Guidelines

I. Spree Posting

[1] All sprees will be moderated
[2] All sprees must be held at Sprees Alley & not your personal lj
[3] Font sizes outside lj-cut are not to exceed size '2' in html or 'medium' in rich text
[4] Only one picture of maximum 300 x 300 pixels & 20 lines are allowed outside lj-cut
[5] Only two open sprees at one time per organizer
[6] Only one spree per entry, do not combine two or more sprees into one post. Strictly no advertising of other spree.
[7] No concurrent spree from the same merchant at the same time ie. If there's one Forever 21 spree by another organizer is open, you can only open another one when it's closed
owever a new pending spree will be approved if the current open spree has been open for more than 1 week.
[8] No "looking for" post is allowed. If you're looking for a MIA spree-er or organizer, email the mods first.

II. Spree Title

[1] Name of the merchant must be indicated in the title of the spree post
[2] Spree status must be clearly stated ie. OPEN/CLOSED/CANCELLED/REPOST

III. Feedback Reference

[1] Include your Sprees Alley feedback link & feedback count (Positive, neutral & negative feedback) outside the LJ-cut
[2] Spree post without Sprees Alley feedback link will be rejected
[3] For co-organized spree, all Sprees Alley feedback links of spree organizers involved must be included
[4] Only feedback for sprees held in Sprees Alley can be considered into the feedback count
[5] Please refer to Section A :: Spree Organizers Registration to find out how to get your own Sprees Alley feedback link

IV. Things To Include In Spree Post

[1] Website you’re ordering from
[2] Spree cap / Deadline
[3] Discounts (If applicable)
[4] Your email address
[5] Accepted payment options from spree-ers
[6] Mode of spree distribution (Postage/Meetup)
[7] Exchange rate (To follow as stated HERE!)
[8] Shipping details (Direct international shipping/Parcel forwarders ie. CGW, Vpost, Borderlinx), how shipping costs will be divided (Price/Weight) & estimated item shipping unit breakdown
[9] Any additional charges that may be incurred (USA sale tax/7% GST/Concierge charge)
[10] Mode of updates (Mass email/Spree post/Personal lj)
[**] For Taiwan/HongKong/China auctions or website sprees, must state the mode of payment to supplier (Concealed cash/Ezpay/Paypal/Agent)

V. Reposts

[1] Include only a picture of maximum 300 x 300 pixels, feedback link, feedback count & hyperlink to the original spree post
[2] No reposting is allowed if your original spree post is still on the first page of Sprees Alley
[3] Maximum of 2 reposts per spree

C. Spree Organizing

[1] Do not delete any spree post even if the spree is cancelled

[2] If you want to swap to spree from another website, do not edit your spree post without going through moderation (ie. Wetseal to GoJane). Post a new entry instead!

[3] Handling fees (To cover costs of envelopes, sticky tape, bubblewraps, etc) should not exceed 80c per spree-er. Spree organizers are not to charge spree-ers who opt for combined postage more than 80c. However a max of 50c handling fees can be collected from spree-ers who opt for meet-up. No handling fee is allowed to be collected if spree-er is self collecting from organizer's house. Courier delivery charges are to be collected at the spree organizers own discretion

[4] No instocks spree is allowed

[5] Supplier spree (All sprees without any merchant website) organizers are responsible for all items sold in the spree. You will be held responsible if your supplier run away with the spree-ers' money &/or when spree-ers complain your items are defective upon receiving it.

This is to safeguard the well-being of all spree-ers & to ensure that you are confident that you are spree-ing from a reliable supplier. Please note that only 1 supplier spree is allowed per spree organizer per week

D. Spree Participation

[1] Spree-ers are advised to participate in any spree at your own discretion

[2] If you are uncomfortable with how a particular spree organizer holds his/her spree you are discouraged from participating

[3] Spree-ers are deemed to agree to abide to the spree organizer's stated terms & conditions by placing an order

[4] Please make your payment promptly & provide the spree organizers with valid transaction details. If you are not serious about buying please do not post your order.

[5] Spree organizers are not liable for lost normal mail, please opt for registered postage if your area is prone to losing mails

[6] All spree organizers are allowed to collect a max of 80c for handling fees (This is to cover the price increase in envelopes & bubblewraps within the last few months) & max of 50c (Just a 'lil something to cover phone calls & spree organizers' efforts) for meet-up collection. If you think that the spree organizer is collecting too much for handling fees, please do not participate in the spree.

[7] Please be nice to the spree organizers because they are the people who are helping you get your loots from the States & beyond

E. Banning & Suspension System

If a spree organiser is found to hold sprees at his/her personal LJ, despite warning from mods, he/she will face a suspension.

A spree organizer will be suspended when he/she received 3 warnings for violation of Sprees Alley's rules

A spree organizer will face an immediate ban if found to have performed the following acts:

[1] Received 3 suspensions
[2] Confiscated spree-er's money
[3] Provided false information during spree organizer registration
[4] Profiteering (Excluding own item during shipping fees breakdown is considered as a form of profiteering)

If any spree organizer MIA for more than 3 weeks, spree-ers are expected to email Sprees Alley moderators at spreesalley[at]gmail[dot]com for advice before taking any further action. (It will be at our own discretion to which the spree organizer's personal particulars will be disclosed. However Sprees Alley do not tolerate such irresponsible acts & will help in every way within our means.)

F. Contact Us!

[1] All spree related issues (Inquiries/Complaints/Suspect particular spree organizer of profiteering) should be sent to spreesalley[at]gmail[dot].com

If you want the mods to look into a particular spree, please state the spree link & provide a brief description of the issue

[2] Spree organizers applications should be sent to spreesalley.reg[at]gmail[dot].com